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06 June Thursday
18:00 Beginning
Free Ticket price

On July 11th, the charitable project #NaShapku will feature REMEZ and SESTRA BLYZNYUCHKA!

REMEZ is well known not only in the rock and rockabilly community but also among jazz musicians and those who create high-quality pop music. His unique vocals and compositional talent will captivate you from the first notes. For the past two and a half years, Oleksandr REMEZ has been serving in the Ukrainian Armed Forces, and seeing his concert in Kyiv is a rare opportunity. Joining Oleksandr will be his fiancée, Dasha Davydova, who is well-known to regular attendees of #NaShapku concerts. Dasha will present her new project, SESTRA BLYZNYUCHKA.

And we believe this concert will be a rehearsal for a grand rock ‘n’ roll wedding 😊

#NaShapku is a series of charity concerts featuring talented musicians and artists. The tradition was initiated by the volunteer center “Frolovskaya 9/11” to support war refugees and good deeds, which transformed into the “SVOI” foundation to care for refugees and provide assistance during COVID-19. Now, the new challenges include aiding the wounded, refugees, and palliative care patients.

The team of the “SVOI” Charitable Foundation helps purchase bone implants, supports hospitals, and assists palliative care patients in Ukraine.

Donate #NaShapku online on the “SVOI” foundation website: https://svoyi.org.ua/nashapku/

Facebook #NaShapku: https://www.facebook.com/NaShapku

Telegram #NaShapku: https://t.me/nashapku