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01029, Kyiv, Kniaziv Ostrozkykh St, 8, building 7
+38 067 011 1107
On the organization of corporate: info@peppersclub.com.ua
Club hours:
Mon-Sun 12:00-23:00
Where the music plays - the guns keep silence!

That’s exactly what one may say about  the “Pepper’s club”, a new music pub opening its doors on the territory of former «Arsenal»,  once a powerful  weapon factory.

No matter where you come from, in the very moment you enter this place you become the life member of the “Sergeant pepper’s lonely heart club band”. Cause Beatles unite not only hearts, but also generations and continents!

It’s the right place for those who appreciate live music , excellent drinks and delicious food with real historical flavour!

“Pepper’s club” is still on guard of the unique atmosphere of centuries-old Kiev, it is full of memories of the historical events that took place in the famous “Arsenal” weapons factory.

Its walls are still keeping the signs of the Simon Petliura’s assault during the January rebellion as well as its underground passages that leaded to the banks of Dnieper and were used by rebels trying to escape.

Once it was a part of New Pechersk fortress from where one could enter the heart of the old city. So today it’s a perfect idea to start your acquaintance with the capital of Ucraine directly from here! From the Arsenal, that for more than 200 years was the best in weapons and ammunition manufacture. From the Arsenal

that in the late XIX century has become one of the largest weapon factories in Tsar’s Russia making it’s own way from a monastery’s armoury to the huge industrial complex.

Pepper’s club will help you to immerse yourself in the past while feeling the authentic rhythm of this very moment!

Let’s write together the newest history of Ucraine bar culture! Want to feel the taste of life? – Just add some pepper!


– “Pepper’s club” atmosphere is authentic and full of freedom – make you feel yourself at ease is the main philosophy of our team!

– Pepper’s club unites the citizens of Kiev and the guests by streaming the most important and exciting sport events. Here you can enjoy stand-up shows, listen to or even partecipate in incredible jam sessions. Our various and exclusive non-stop music program creates a unique international community. Nobody will never get lost in translation here because it’s Pepper’s club!

– Only here every day you can listen to blues and rock performed by the best musicians from all over the world! From now and on the international stars tours will include our pub in Kiev!

– For real music fans there is another exclusive bonus:  a legendary «music box» with an extraordinary selection of rock albums that have already become classics and entered the history of world music!

–  Usually, when you think of the cuisine of most of the traditional pubs, it is usually simple food and a small number of items on the menu.

But “Pepper’s Pub» was meant to surprise! It offers a wide range of German and Eastern European cuisine, choosing the best of local products! And besides – the national hits, such as Ukrainian borsch and dumplings, prepared right here as a masterpiece of culinary art and served with a special kind of pepper!

– Created to make you feel free, «Pepper’s Pub» has only one unbreakable rule: to feel the real taste of life – JUST ADD SOME PEPPER!