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24 April Wednesday
19:00 Beginning
from 300 Ticket price

You are invited to the CHARITY STAND-UP at Pepper’s club on April 24th!

Who will be there?
• Serhiy Steranyshko – Ukrainian stand-up comedian. Resident of the “Underground Stand Up” club. Participant in popular humor projects.
• Vadym Kovalyk – stand-up comedian from Ternopil, host of the show “Coffee with Vadym Kovalyk” and participant of “Cultural Defense”;
• Anton Stenyuk – well-known and successful Ukrainian stand-up artist, improvisation actor. Resident of the Underground Stand Up Club.
• Roman Shcherban – a unique representative of Ukrainian stand-up, who captivates the audience with his stories and charisma.

This time we will be raising funds to support the aerial reconnaissance of the Ukrainian Volunteer Army.

Unfortunately, drones, vehicles, generators, and power banks are constantly being lost in the war, and the need for purchasing new ones only increases. That’s why we organize such events to financially support this unit – namely, to help purchase new UAVs, repair vehicles, or cover expenses for any other necessities.

We look forward to seeing everyone, as by attending the event, you will make a small but important contribution to victory!

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