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06 December Monday
20:00 Beginning
from 100 Ticket price

On the December 6the – STAND UP SHOW at Pepper’s Club!

Familiar life situations, curiosities, problems and theories of their ridiculous decision. All this and much more on the evening of true stenpad-comedy!

Stand-Up is brave and frank humor about everything that happens to and around us. Everyone who is present at the concert becomes involved in  Stand-Up Comedy. Comedians share their thoughts and emotions with the audience, and no one will remain indifferent!


Leading evening, Ivan Zhornoklei – a native Kyiv resident with ambitions of a newcomer, a Stand-Up Comedian, a founder and  a host of “Ukrainian Stand-Up Agency”. Ivan introduces Stand-Up to the audience, can tell them what they don’t know about themselves.

The duration of the program is 90 minutes. For people above 18.


«Ukrainian Stand-Up Agency» – serious approach to funny events.

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