Tickets return
  • These Rules have been developed in accordance with the requirements of the current legislation of Ukraine and terms and conditions of public offer agreement (hereinafter referred to as “Offer”) the terms and conditions of which are obligatory for Customer (Buyer) while purchasing a Ticket.
  • Due to the introduction of lockdown in Ukraine, according to the Resolution of Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine No. 211 of 11/03/2020, the Seller (Pepper’s Club) cancelled (the Events will be postponed to other dates) all the Events for the period of lockdown because of the ban of mass events (entertainment activities) and to avoid the risk of COVID-19 infection for its Customers and employees.
  • In accordance with clause 7.2. of the Offer the Buyer shall agree that if the Organizer due to force majeure, lockdown (including epidemics) in the territory of Ukraine (and its separate parts); prohibition of economic activity of the Seller not through its fault, but based on official documents of any public authorities and local governments, including resolutions of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, postponed the Event to another date, in this case the money paid for the Ticket shall not be refunded to the Buyer, herewith all Tickets remain active and valid for the new Event.
  • Should the Buyer not agree to the postponement of the Event, due to the occurrence of the circumstances provided for in clause 7.2. of the Offer, the Buyer shall have the right to request a refund from the Seller.
  • In accordance with clause 7.3.3 of the Offer, in case of impossibility of immediate (through no fault of the Seller) refund to the Customer due to lockdown in Ukraine (COVID-19), the Seller shall provide the Customer with “e-promo code”, by sending it to the Customer’s e-mail or by any other communication means (including telephone number). 
  • E-promo code is a combination of symbols by activating which the Customer will be able to use the “cost” of previously purchased tickets that could not be used by the Customer beyond its will and that of the Seller, in this case due to COVID-19 epidemic and lockdown measures in Ukraine (terms and conditions – clause 7.3.2 of the Offer).
  • Activation of the E-Promo Code takes place by entering the symbols of the “e-promo code” when purchasing tickets online at https://peppersclub.com.ua/.
  • The validity period of such an E-Promo Code is until 31/12/2022 inclusive.
  • Additionally, it should be noted that the Customer may use the E-Promo Code for any Event of the Seller within the cost of previously purchased tickets (this information will be read automatically when the Customer activates the E-Promo Code).
  • In case the Customer uses only a part of the “cost” of the E-Promo Code, the remaining part is retained and the Customer can use it in the future (including to pay for the tickets purchased from the Seller in part/in full in the future).
  • In case the money from the E-Promo Code is not enough to pay for the desired number of tickets to the respective Event, the Customer will be automatically offered to pay the difference with a bank card.
  • In case of non-use of such E-Promo Code by the Customer during its validity period and the Customer’s application to the Seller in accordance with the terms and conditions of clause 7.3 of the Offer*, the Seller shall refund the money to the Customer, but not before the full end of lockdown in Ukraine and expiry of the E-Promo Code validity period.
  • The Seller shall process refund to Customers within 30 (thirty) business days from the date of expiry of such promo code and receipt of application from the Customer by the Seller (not taking into account the period of processing of such refund/transfer by the bank).
  • Refunds to Customers shall be made only by wire transfer.
  • Please note that the Seller and its administration are temporarily working remotely during the lockdown period; we apologise in advance for possible delays in answering and resolving your issue. Please send all enquiries to info@peppersclub.com.ua or call the following telephone number +38 067 011 1107
  • between 09:00 a.m. and 05:00 p.m.

*To receive a refund, the Buyer may contact the Seller with an application (by filling out the form), which shall include:

– details of the person who is applying (full name) and his/her taxpayer identification number, the name of the Event, the number of Tickets and their barcode, the Nominal Value of the Tickets, the number of the personal Bank Card (the indicated card will be used for the refund), the date and the signature;

– a copy of a document confirming his/her identity. This application will only be accepted by the Seller if the Buyer has complied with the above requirements for such an application. Only the buyer whose details are specified in the order may apply for a refund.

By purchasing a ticket you agree by default to the Rules of the establishment “Pepper’s Club” (hereinafter also referred to as the club, the establishment) and the terms and conditions of attendance at the club, and commit to comply with them.

Dear visitors, the main purpose of the club rules is to create the most comfortable and safest possible conditions for the rest in the club and to maintain a friendly and welcoming atmosphere.

A person is considered a visitor to the club if he/she has a ticket or an invitation. If necessary, the club will carry out a metal detector check of visitors and carry out an inspection of belongings.

In the event of a breach of the Rules of the establishment “Pepper’s Club”, the Administration and security service personnel shall reserve the right to:

  • Take photos and make video recordings of the infringement of the club’s rules/offender.
  • Make the offender leave the establishment without a refund of the cost of admission ticket.
  • Prohibit the offender from visiting the establishment in the future.

By purchasing an admission ticket (or visiting the establishment by invitation), you agree by default to these Terms and Conditions of attendance at the club, and commit to comply with them.

  1. Persons under the age of 18 are not permitted to enter the club Pepper’s Club at night (after 10 p.m.). Persons under the age of 18 are permitted to enter the club before 10 p.m. only if accompanied by a parent. 
  2. The Administration/security service of the club shall have the right to refuse entry to the club to persons who are under the influence of alcohol, drugs, are unkempt, are dressed in sports clothes, also it is not allowed to enter and stay in the club barefooted (The administration of the club shall reserve the right to assess the suitability of the appearance of visitors in accordance with the format of the establishment. Exceptions are themed parties where this Dress code is allowed).
  3.  The Administration/security service of the club shall have the right to refuse entry to persons who in their opinion are prone to use or deal drugs, are prone to unlawful acts towards visitors, guests, service personnel or property of the establishment.
  4. Persons with obvious physical injuries are not permitted in the club.
  5. At the request of Administration/security service of the club, the person wishing to buy a ticket or enter the club shall present a document (passport, driving licence, etc.), which certifies his/her identity and age. 
  6. The Administration/security service of the club shall reserve the right to deny entry without giving a reason.
  7. Visitors and their personal belongings may be inspected by security staff in order to ensure the safety of all club visitors. In case of refusal to undergo this procedure or if such an inspection reveals a breach of the Establishment’s rules, the administration shall have the right to refuse access to the club without refund of the ticket price.
  8. Persons behaving in an aggressive manner are not permitted to enter the premises of the establishment. 
  9. The following is prohibited in the club premises:  smoking, bringing alcoholic beverages, food, sharp, cutting objects, narcotic substances (including the means for their application), weapons (including cold, gas, pneumatic, firearms, etc.), pyrotechnic and explosive substances, other devices and special means, use music and other equipment of the club independently, enter into the premises that are intended for staff use. In case of the above mentioned facts, the security service of the club shall have the right to make you leave the club without refund of the ticket price.
  10. Bags or other personal belongings may not be left on the floor, bar counter, wall ledges, parapets and steps.
  11. It is prohibited to enter the club with pets.
  12. It is prohibited to interfere with the work of artists performing in the club: DJs, dancers, hosts/hostesses, actors, etc. and the work of club service personnel.
  13. It is forbidden to disturb other visitors to the club (by behaving inappropriately, shouting, whistling, etc.). If a visitor’s behaviour interferes with the work of the staff or the rest of other visitors, he/she will be forced to leave the establishment.
  14. It is forbidden to sleep at a table or dance undressed and/or barefooted.
  15. Photo and video recording on the club premises is permitted only with the permission of the club’s Administration.
  16. It is prohibited to bring pharmaceuticals, pills, ointments, drops etc. into the club.
  17. Any kind of trade or advertising activity is forbidden on the club premises without the approval of the administration of the institution.

By visiting the club you agree to take part in the possible photo and video recording, TV or radio broadcasting of the event as a visitor and allow the club to use photo, video and audio recordings with your participation in any way (posting in the social networks of the club, website, etc.).

Terms and conditions of the attendance at the club:

Visitors shall:

  1. Obey the instructions of the Administration and security service of the club.
    1. Purchase or present an admission ticket (invitation) and undergo a metal detector inspection (inspection of belongings – if necessary) in order to visit the club.
    2. Take outerwear and bulky items to the cloakroom. It is prohibited to enter the club in outerwear. The cloakroom is free of charge in the club premises.
    3. The club is not responsible for money and valuables that have been left (lost) on the club premises, including clothing that has been taken to the cloakroom.
  2. Loss of a cloakroom ticket, broken tableware, damage to property and violations of sanitary regulations will incur a fee, the amount of which will be determined by the administration of the club.
  3. Visitors have the opportunity to pre-book a table, the cost of which is set in accordance with the club event or concert. If a reserved table is not occupied by visitors within the agreed time period, the administration of the club shall have the right to make it available to other persons.
  4. The administration of the club warns that buying a ticket to the concert program a table is automatically reserved for you only for the period of such event and reservation of a table does not prolong after the end of the event.

If a visitor who has purchased a ticket for a concert program and intends to extend his/her stay in the club at the same table after the concert ends, he/she shall agree the terms and conditions of such table reservation with the Administration of the establishment in advance. If such terms and conditions are not agreed in advance with the Administration of the establishment, the latter shall have the right to force the visitor to leave the table.

By agreeing to attend the event, the holder of the ticket (invitation) assumes responsibility for the risks, including responsibility for the safety of personal belongings, for any damage that may be caused due to non-compliance with public order, safety, fire safety, establishment rules and other generally accepted rules of behaviour. The Administration of the establishment “Pepper’s Club” is not responsible for such risks.

Visitors who comply with the rules of the club, if necessary, shall have the right to address questions to the Administration, chief of security service, or other officials, as well as to request a book of complaints and suggestions.

Best regards,
Administration “Pepper’s Club”

That’s exactly what one may say about the “Pepper’s club”, a new music pub opening its doors on the territory of former «Arsenal», once a powerful weapon factory.

No matter where you come from, in the very moment you enter this place you become the life member of the “Sergeant pepper’s lonely heart club band”. Cause Beatles unite not only hearts, but also generations and continents! It’s the right place for those who appreciate live music , excellent drinks and delicious food with real historical flavour!

“Pepper’s club” is still on guard of the unique atmosphere of centuries-old Kiev, it is full of memories of the historical events that took place in the famous “Arsenal” weapons factory.